We love coffee. So much that we set up our own coffee roastery. We now roast our own blend of green beans in small batches to a specific roast profile every few days, let the roasted coffee age for a couple of days then serve freshly ground to you in our café.



Probat Probatone 5kg

Grinders 2 x Mazzer Super Jolly, Macap MC4 Bag grinder, Mahlkonig K30 grind on demand, Malhkonig vario in the lab, DIP DK30 shop grinder. Espresso Machine La Marzocco Linea – “ the historical Classic”


Our Signature Espresso blend is made from a combination of BSCA Brazilian Fazenda Cachoeira 100% Bourbon, Costa Rican Finca de Licho and Gutaemalan Finca El Bosque. The Brazilian base to our blend gives a chocolate, caramel and toffee sweetness. The Costa Rican bean adds acidity and complexity with a good mouth coating and notes of fruitiness.  The Finca El Bosque adds sweetness and a long balanced after taste.


Our coffee is available to buy in the shop in 250g, and 500g bags which can be ground to order to suit your brewing methods. Social and Environmental sustainability is considered very important by all of the farms we buy from through our importers.

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We are able to supply your shop, cafe or restaurant seven days a week and can deliver to you each morning from 8:30am or at an arranged time to suit. Telephone 0141 337 3851 Email