Since the opening of our Production Kitchen Bakery & Coffee Roastery in September 2010 we have introduced our own range of artisans breads, our own signature espresso blend and a range of Kember & Jones branded products including pesto’s, tapenades, salad dressings, granola, muesli, biscotti and amaretti. We have a strong tradition of artisan baking and bread making in this country that seems to be struggling to find an audience with the mass produced bread varieties we find in every supermarket up and down the UK.


The quality and safety of our food is of paramount importance. So much of what we eat is produced on a massive scale with such complicated supplier chains and ingredients. In addition to this, our large scale bakeries are all about making a product which is commercially viable. They use high-speed industrial mixers producing dough in minutes. Invariably the flour products are poor quality and therefore pre mix improvers, emulsifiers, preservatives, fats and antifungal sprays are added to make the dough softer, ‘improve’ the volume and prolong shelf life. Some supermarkets have the millers add relaxants to the flour allowing bakers to use the flour straight away after milling so they don’t have to pay for storing the flour and letting it relax naturally. Why do they need to add chemicals to your loaf?


Our artisan bakery uses four ingredients to make your bread. Flour, yeast, salt and Scottish water. No improvers, enzymes, stabilisers or preservatives. We rely on warmth and time and skill to create our breads.  Our bakers care and nurture their dough watching them every day as no two days are the same.  Our flour comes from Shipton Mill which is an artisan Millers based in the Cotswold, Glousctershire.  You will pay a little more for our bread as you will in the supermarkets but you will know what is in there is 100% natural, you will know that it has been made by a skilled baker with care and attention and pride and you will know how good it tastes!

Wholemeal Loaf :

1.2 kg We use this large soft loaf for our sandwiches and wholemeal toast. The ferment from the previous day’s dough gives a more complex taste.

Ingredients: Wholemeal flour, white flour, milk, water, salt, yeast, wholemeal ferment.


Malted Granary :

670g The malted granary’s flavour comes from the malted grain flour and the five seed blend we use combing wheat flakes, barley flakes, sunflower seeds, oats and millet.

Ingredients: Malted grain flour, yeast, salt, water, wholemeal ferment, seed mix.


Pain de Campagne :

720g We use both white and medium rye flour along with ferment from the previous days dough  to give a mild yet tangy flavour.

Ingredients: White flour, Medium rye flour, yeast, salt, water, ferment.

Rye and Raisin:

550g. Fast becoming a favourite with all at K&J. This bread tastes amazing toasted and equally served with cheese.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, dark rye flour, salt, water, yeast, raisins.



370g We use a classic method that allows a more substantial texture and a chewy flavourful baguette.

Ingredients:  Wheat four, rye flour, salt, water, yeast, white flour ferment.


White Bloomer: 920g A good soft crumb crusty white made with a white ferment.

Ingredients: White flour, salt, water, yeast, natural yoghurt.


Focaccia: @ 400g Mixed and folded 3 times to ensure a soft and open textured light focaccia. Flavoured with fresh rosemary and sea salt or Cherry tomato, rosemary and Maldon sea salt. Ingredients: Wheat Flour, semolina, extra virgin olive oil, salt, water, yeast, white flour ferment.

White Sourdoughs: 750g Deliciously soured bread fermented and proved  for 12 hours.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, salt, water, malt extract.


Wholemeal Spelt : 550g Full flavoured spelt becoming popular as it is easy on digestion.

Ingredients: Wholemeal spelt, yeast, water and salt.

Wholesale Enquires


We are able to supply your shop, cafe or restaurant seven days a week and can deliver to you each morning from 8.30am or at an arranged time to suit.