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Where it all began

The doors to K & J were opened on June 4th 2004 by owners Claire Jones from Glasgow and Phil Kember from Portsmouth.

We set up our Fine Food Emporium to provide a destination for people to enjoy high quality food to eat and buy.


We concentrate on producing and sourcing highest quality food possible. The café acts as a showcase for the products we sell in the shop and deli counter.

Almost everything served in the café is available to take-away or buy.

Kember & Jones has become one of Glasgow’s most popular eateries with queues throughout the day for breakfasts, lunch, afternoon teas and dinner.


Since the opening of our Production Kitchen Bakery & Coffee Roastery in September 2010 we have introduced our own range of artisans breads, our own signature espresso blend and  a range of  Kember & Jones branded products including pesto’s, tapenades, salad dressings, granola, muesli, biscotti and amaretti.